Week 1 of New Year Resolution: My Computer Parts Gathered So Far

In scavenging for my computer parts, I try to research the easiest thing I can from my list of computer parts I need. Then, I try to buy something by the end of the week. This week, I bought this SSD.

I already have my case, mouse, keyboard, motherboard, and monitors. Let’s look at the parts I need to buy still:

  1. Processor aka CPU aka central processing unit
  2. CPU cooler
  3. Memory aka RAM
  4. Graphics card (for gamers)
  5. Power Supply Unit
  6. Fans so PC doesn’t overheat
  7. Heatsink
  8. Wifi card (recommended)
  9. USB 3.0 cable
  10. HD Audio Cable

For this upcoming week, maybe I will research which Memory/RAM to buy.

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