2019 New Year Resolution: building that gaming PC

I love the new year because I like reviewing the things I’ve been accomplishing the past year, goals I hope to acquire this year, and things I can do to make my goals come alive.

In reviewing my actions of the past year, I realized that I’ve been sitting on my self-started project of building a gaming PC. It was hard for me to get started because I am buying all the parts alone and will be building it alone as well. It is sometimes tough to imagine if the parts will even be compatible and then dread all the research that is needed for each part. Since I’ve never been a hardware person, I’ve been learning new things every time I tried to research gaming computer parts.

MY RESOLUTION: Buy one computer part by Sunday midnight every week.

It’s way less daunting when you purchase ONE computer part after a week of research. And, coincidentally, it works out for my wallet too. Spending $100-200 a week sounds reasonable for this project, and going slow is what keeps me going.

Maybe once I have all my parts in a few months, I might even start building the computer slowly. But maybe not. That part is a little more delicate.

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