Pre-Building PC: Get the ball rolling

For new builders, a lot of research goes into each part required to build the PC. Ideally, you want to have all your parts in front of you before you start building.

The easiest part to purchase first is the computer case.

  • Make sure it’s big enough to carry all your components. Mid tower means medium size. Full tower means big sized.
  • If a case is meant to be closed, it’s best to keep it closed and vice versa because cases have a certain way to regulate air flow – something you don’t want to overwrite.
  • My computer case was $200 (Amazon), but it made me excited to keep building my computer. It will be the “building block” and outer shell of all my hard work.

While shopping at Fry’s Electronics for my computer case, I decided to jump in and just buy a random, but legit looking motherboard to get the ball rolling. I figured that if I bought a motherboard, I could look at the packaging at home while researching – and the 30 day return policy helped. I was tired of sitting around “researching”.

So that’s how I got the ball rolling: bought my case and my motherboard. I know that this first PC might not be the most efficient, and a lot of money might get wasted. But I’m willing to just forcefully walk through the mud to get a functional PC. And then in the future, I can be a better PC builder.

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