Complete List of Parts to Buy When Building a Computer

I will be building my own computer soon. Here are all the tools you and I will need before we start. This list is not complete.

  1. Processor aka CPU aka central processing unit
  2. CPU cooler
  3. Motherboard
  4. Memory aka RAM
  5. Graphics card (for gamers)
  6. Storage (SSD, solid state drive)
  7. Power Supply Unit
  8. Fans so PC doesn’t overheat
  9. Heatsink
  10. Wifi card (recommended)
  11. USB 3.0 cable
  12. HD Audio Cable
  13. The other cables come with motherboard
  14. Case

Helper Materials

  1. Thermal grease

After we get the hardware assembled, we will have to add Windows 10 or some operating system to the PC.

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