Basic OneNote Shortcuts

Microsoft OneNote is one of the most compact and easiest to use note-taking applications, in my opinion. It integrates nicely with other Microsoft products technologies. Here are some tips to make OneNote easier to use for you.

OneNote Specific Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Control+period: creates a bulleted list.
  • Control+1: creates a TODO list.
  • Control+/: creates a numbered list.
  • Windows+S: takes a screenshot. You have the option to save the screenshot to clipboard or have the screenshot populated in a designated OneNote page. I prefer to save the screenshot to my clipboard and I┬áchecked the “Don’t ask me again” box. This way, I am able to take quick screenshots (Windows+S) and paste (Control+V) anywhere I want.

BTW, the Windows Key looks like this:

Image result for windows button

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